Unable to load DataTables using RequireJS

Unable to load DataTables using RequireJS

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I have been trying to use DataTables with RequireJS, but I am having an issue with it loading correctly. Some of the issues I am having are:
1. If jszip is included in the link, DataTables fails to load.
2. When I remove jszip, DataTables loads and runs but the included modules do not load. i.e. RowGroups
3. I can load each module independently, and it will work as planned except for buttons. If I use the HTML5 version of buttons, the buttons never show. If I use flash, they work, but this is old technology that I would like to stay away from.

I've included 2 JSFiddle links below as an example. 1 example uses RequireJS to load, the other does not.


Any ideas how to make this work correctly? I would like to use the concatenated version of the links if possible in RequireJS, but if that is not possible, I understand. I do need to get the buttons working correctly though.

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