Editor Select Value Missing on Edit

Editor Select Value Missing on Edit

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Hi Allan,
My editor's select value missing on Edit. I suspected this happened because condition (where) applied on option.
My php

Field::inst( 'threalisasi.id_blok_kavling' )
 ->options( Options::inst()
 ->table( 'mhkavling' )
 ->value( 'id' )
 ->label( 'nomorblokkavling' )
 ->where( function ($q) {
    $q->where( 'is_sold', 0 );
Field::inst( 'mhkavling.nomorblokkavling' ),

My js

  label: "No Blok Kavling:",
  name: "threalisasi.id_blok_kavling",
  type: "select2"

if i remove the where, Editor show the value of No Blok Kavling on edit
I try to put this code, still not working, but the id_blok_kavling shown on console

edtKavling.on('initEdit', function( e, node, data, items, type ){
  id_blok_kavling = data.threalisasi.id_blok_kavling;

please advise, thank you


  • allanallan Posts: 48,883Questions: 1Answers: 7,122 Site admin

    If the value isn't shown as selected on edit, it suggests that the value of the threalisasi.id_blok_kavling field isn't available in the list of options made available to that field.

    I'd need a link to a test case showing the issue to be able to confirm if that is the case please.


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